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Meet Reena Sky

Reena Sky is no girl. This is a WOMAN. Dark, dangerous, gorgeous, with incredibly sex size 6 ½ feet. She has a young body, but a very mature sexual aura about her. I had to get Reena into my bed, even if it was just for this masturbation segment. Those olive-skinned feet of hers are the perfect balance between petite cuteness and womanly strength. Watch this movie and you'll see what I mean.

Reena Sky Stockings

Reena wore her own stockings for this clip and didn't want to give them up for our contest. At least you can enjoy watching her in them as she talks dirty to you. Write in and let me know if you prefer stockings or pantyhose, so I can tell the girls what to wear to the shoots.

Reena Sky Close-Up

I put the camera on a tripod to get the SUPER close-ups that you love. If you were a member of a CSI team, you'd be able to extract a perfect set of Reena's toe prints from this footage. You have to see it to believe it!

Reena Sky Foot Voyeur

Not only is Reena physically gorgeous (especially if you love Mediterranean women like I do), but she is seductive as hell, even when she's just reading a book. Come join me in spying on Reena as she suns herself on my patio and you'll see what I mean.

Reena Sky Hardcore

I was shooting Reena for Foot Fetish Daily and flirting with her when Jack(ass) Lawrence barges in, higher than a kite.* As soon as Reena got "wind" of Jack's herb, she wanted in on the action. After that, she was easy prey for horny Jack and his huge cock. Reena REALLY loved sucking on it. This was an amazing scene, Reena just kept cumming and cumming. Of course, it didn't hurt that she hadn't had sex in a few weeks! *Disclaimer: No actual hemp products were used in this production.